Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D., Inc. Redmond Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D., Inc.Redmond Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Jimenez provides confidential, research-based psychotherapy services to adults and older adolescenrs facing a variety of psychological concerns and challenges that interfere with personal effectiveness and quality of life. Her areas of expertise include:


                                    • Anxiety

                                    • Depression

                                    • Relationship and Couples Work

                                    • Childhood Abuse, Neglect, and Dysfunction

                                    • Trauma- Past and Recent

                                    • Grief and Personal Loss

                                    • Dissociative Disorders

                                    • Interpersonal Difficulties

                                    • Life Transitions

                                    • Stress Management

                                    • Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors

                                    • Emotional Concerns of Chronic Medical Conditions







Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist


Specializing in Individual

and Couples Psychotherapy


Redmond Medical Center

8301 161st Ave. N.E.

Suite 300

Redmond, WA




Ext. 2#





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