Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D., Inc. Redmond Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D., Inc.Redmond Clinical Psychologist

Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Jimenez's theoretical approach is an integrated blend of cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and psychodynamic themes, personalized for each individual patient or couple. Always rooted in research-based practices, Dr. Jimenez works with each patient to develop a therapeutic plan that meets individual concerns.


In a cognitive-behavioral approach, the focus is on a person's thinking styles and sometimes hidden belief systems and how these are reflected in choices and behavior. Interpersonal therapy explores the quality of relationships and how we effect and are influenced by our important relationships. In psychodynamic work, attention centers on one's emotional realities and inner life and how one shapes and is shaped by life experiences. Couples' work often has communication skills as an additional element, as well as compassionately understanding the partner's experience of being in the world.


Dr. Jimenez's style is engaging, compassionate, direct, and respectful. She believes that the purpose of a psychotherapist is to walk with you on your life journey for awhile, sharing knowledge, ideas, and encouragement, to honor your struggles and enthusiastically acknowledge your personal growth.



Dr. Marcia Houdek Jimenez, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist


Specializing in Individual

and Couples Psychotherapy


Redmond Medical Center

8301 161st Ave. N.E.

Suite 300

Redmond, WA




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